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Astrology and Tarot


I have found that astrology and tarot are simply two different ways of connecting with the energy of the universe and realizing our personal connection to all that is.  Other methods have included runes, reading tea leaves and searching for omens.  In ancient Babylonia, ox entrails were a popular method of divination. I personally feel that these are all simply tools to achieve this same goal.


As a child who was always fascinated with the majesty of the night sky, astrology was my initial fascination.  Astrology explores the associations between who we are, how we function, and what potential opportunities and challenges are coming our way as this relates to the Sun, Moon and the fixed stars.  While the traditional scientific paradigm of the 20th century assures us there is no relationship, I believe that the physics of the 21st century will conclusively prove otherwise.  The pioneering works of physicists such as David Bohm postulate the existence of a vast energy field that connects all the particles in the universe. All particles are thus continually interacting.  Hence, at the deepest levels, we are always connected to the entire universe, as well as the past, present and all potential futures.


Chaos theory, another fascinating concept, that has already found many practical applications, is the study of the invisible patterns that can be found in apparently random events.  Even more interesting is the discovery that the part contains the whole.  A familiar example of this is a hologram.  If we cut a piece off a hologram, we can still recreate its three dimensional image, although we will lose resolution. Similarly, all of us contain the blueprint of the entire universe within each and every cell of our bodies. Truly an amazing concept! So, the energy of the universe is a mirror for who we are.  This is what we can learn from astrology. When we shuffle a tarot deck during a reading, the deck at the deepest level is shuffling us as well, reflecting our energy and current most probable potential outcome.


These amazing concepts have many invaluable practical ramifications.  I use astrology for myself and my clients to gain deeper insight into our strengths, challenges, spiritual lessons and goals.


I have found that the techniques of relationship astrology offer a remarkably accurate way to really delve into the complexities that can surface as we engage with others, both romantically and on all other levels.  Although romantic relationships comprise a large part of my relationship work, I am often asked to look at the charts of children and babies.  I love to do this work because it is so helpful.  I look to see the birth potential of the child, their soul purpose, their style of learning etc.  I also compare the parentís charts to the childís chart to provide understanding into future family dynamics.   My clients have told me that the information and insight they received from their readings yielded almost immediate positive results with their children.


Astrology provides us with many wonderful ways to look at the timing of future events (prediction).  I use transits, solar arc directions, eclipses and horary astrology among other techniques to determine future opportunities and challenges.


Horary astrology is a wonderful means to provide very specific details for a clientís questions.  If an event has unfolded so that there is a strong potential outcome that exists, horary will spell it out!  Horary is the Latin word for hour. I prepare a chart for the minute that my client asks me their question.  The planets, Sun and Moon symbolize the client, others involved in the question and their actions.  Horary astrology dates back to William Lilly in the 1600ís. His famous book, Christian Astrology is still the classic text on the subject.


For me, the tarot is inherently much more intuitive.  Although all of the cards have particular meanings, I find tarot to be a wonderful way to really open up my psychic portals.  As an avid tarot deck collector and photographer, I appreciate the many beautiful variations on a theme that tarot artists create.


When I read for clients, I use a mix of my psychic abilities, astrology and tarot.  I speak with clientís spirit guides, higher selves and their relatives who have crossed over.  I am still amazed at how accurate the information that I receive is.


It is my belief that I am always reading the strongest possible potential future at this time for my clients and myself.  I feel that we always retain our free will and have the ability to manifest positive changes.  That is the path of soul growth!