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 There are many styles of leadership. Our three presidential hopefuls exhibit three different styles of leadership.  Hilary Clinton, the Scorpio fighter, John McCain the seasoned Virgo statesman/ warrior and Barack Obama, the Leo golden child.  In our own lives, there always comes a time when we are called to step up to the plate and be a leader ourselves.  Some of us find this an easy role to assume; others find this to be more of a challenge.  Perhaps we need to change direction in our own lives, perhaps we feel that there is an issue in our romantic relationship, our workplace or our community that neither we nor anybody else is addressing.  It takes courage to champion an idea or a change that may not be popular with others or frightening to ourselves There is always a piece of us represented by a part of our charts, that we can draw upon to help us as we face the challenge of leadership. The Sun, Mars and Mercury can tell us about our leadership style.  How these planets relate to the other planets in our charts tell us how easy or difficult it will be for us to assume the role of leader. If we look to see how the planets in the sky today are influencing the planets in our birth charts, we can see if a particular time will either support or hinder our leadership potential. If we have more planets on the top of our birth charts, it will be easier for us as well to influence the world around us.  A qualified astrologer will be able to determine this for you.

I wish you much courage and joy as you pick up the mantle of leadership in your own life!

Moon Phases

New Moon                   May 5, 2008

First Quarter                May 11, 2008

Full Moon                    May 19, 2008

Last Quarter                 May 27 ,2008

New Moon                   June 3, 2008

First Quarter                June 10, 2008

Full Moon                    June 18,2008

Last Quarter                June 26,2008